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COVID-19 Funding Needs

2020-04-03T21:51:02+00:00 Mar 27th, 2020|In the News|

This week, the House convened for an Extraordinary Session to address the urgent funding needs in our state created by the COVID-19 crisis. For only the second time in recent history, we convened outside of the Capitol. The Jack Stephens Center at the University of Arkansas Little Rock provided additional space for members to adhere [...]

COVID-19 Update – March 27

2020-04-03T21:48:26+00:00 Mar 27th, 2020|In the News|

Governor’s press conference today, FRIDAY MARCH 27th, 2020 🔘 381 total cases, no new counties 🔘 The future: looking at modeling of other states and countries we can see trend lines and our models widely range for AR. We could potentially see 2,000-15,000 people infected with COVID-19. We are planning to beat the worst case scenario. We [...]

COVID-19 Update – March 26

2020-04-03T21:46:36+00:00 Mar 26th, 2020|In the News|

Governor’s press conference today, THURSDAY MARCH 26th, 2020: 🔘 335 total cases, two new counties impacted: Lonoke and Randolph INITIATIVE TO ADDRESS BURDEN COVID-19 HAS PLACED ON RURAL HOSPITALS & HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS: 1️⃣ Capital improvement payments to certain hospitals, independent physicians, rural health clinics, and behavioral health agencies for environmental modifications (i.e. drive-thru test sites, building isolation [...]

COVID-19 Update – March 25

2020-04-03T21:43:11+00:00 Mar 25th, 2020|In the News|

Governor’s press conference today, WEDNESDAY MARCH 25th, 2020 (link in comments): 🔘 280 total cases, two new counties impacted: Drew and Hot Springs Co. 🔘 We now feel we have an accurate picture of COVID-19 spread based on our testing capabilities through ADH, UAMS, and private labs. 🔘 In order to deal with healthcare shortage: The state medical [...]

COVID-19 Update – March 24

2020-03-25T01:52:45+00:00 Mar 24th, 2020|In the News|

Quick update on Governor’s news conference 03/24/2020 We are sorry to report we have had had 2 deaths related to the COVID-19 virus. I am sending my thoughts and prayers for these families during this difficult time. 218 cases, 11 – (0-18), 134 – (19-64) and 73 – (65 and above). 14 currently in hospital, [...]

COVID-19 Update – March 23

2020-03-25T01:51:26+00:00 Mar 23rd, 2020|In the News|

Governor’s press conference today, MONDAY MARCH 23rd, 2020 (link in comments): 🔘 174 total cases 🔘 Due to efforts of AR procurement team, we were able to secure an additional 2M units of PPE. A portion will be available for shipping later this week. This is in addition to units we will receive from National Strategic Stockpile. [...]

Non-Profits Relief Program

2020-03-25T01:49:47+00:00 Mar 23rd, 2020|In the News|

Here's a new COVID-19 relief program announced over the weekend that could benefit the non-profits in your legislative districts. The Arkansas Community Foundation announced a new grant program specifically for non-profit organizations. This program will provide $1,000 mini-grants to organizations who are working to respond to the needs of those impacted by the COVID-19 situation. [...]

COVID-19 Update – March 22

2020-03-25T01:47:58+00:00 Mar 22nd, 2020|In the News|

Governor’s press conference today, SUNDAY MARCH 22nd, 2020 (link in comments): 🔘 165 total cases 🔘 Federal government wants states to take the lead on PPE procurement. Feds bought up most of the domestic supply. 🔘 Arkansas received 25% of the PPE we requested. Once we exhaust that supply, we are on our own. Since there are not [...]

Important information for HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS

2020-03-25T01:46:46+00:00 Mar 21st, 2020|In the News|

Seniors who are on track to graduate and in good standing as of the 3rd nine weeks reporting period will be considered “as meeting the graduation requirements” for the state of Arkansas. School districts may still implement local policies for honor graduates and class rank and should make local decisions regarding end-of-year engagement for current [...]

COVID-19 Update – March 21

2020-03-25T01:45:58+00:00 Mar 21st, 2020|In the News|

Quick update on Governor’s press conference. 1. 22 new cases since yesterday. Total cases as of the press conference: 118. Sebastian County has been added. 2. 9 children (0-18); 32 (65+) & 77 (19-64) have tested positive. 13 have been hospitalized, 7 have been in ICU and 4 have been on ventilator. 3. It is [...]