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Weekly Update – Feb 1

2019-02-18T22:28:39+00:00 Feb 1st, 2019|Summaries|

House members are now preparing for the fourth week of the 2019 Regular Session. We are expecting to review and possibly vote on big issues such as tax cuts and teacher salaries. The Governor’s tax cut proposal has now been filed. This bill will start in the Senate. SB211 would cut the state’s top individual [...]

Daily Update – Jan 31

2019-02-18T22:28:20+00:00 Jan 31st, 2019|Summaries|

The House has now completed the third week of the Regular Session. Today, the House Public Transportation Committee passed HB1006. This bill increases the minimum fine for passing a stopped school bus from $250 to $500. It also makes the offense a Class A misdemeanor. The same committee advanced HB1182 which allows law enforcement to [...]

Daily Update – Jan 30

2019-02-18T22:25:34+00:00 Jan 30th, 2019|Summaries|

The House State Agencies and Governmental Affairs Committee advanced legislation that will allow a former prison facility to be transferred to a non-profit group helping veterans. The Arkansas Department of Community Correction owns the former site of the Southeast Arkansas Community Correction Center in Pine Bluff. The facility has been vacant since 2015, but there [...]

Daily Update – Jan 29

2019-02-18T22:24:45+00:00 Jan 29th, 2019|Summaries|

The House Public Transportation Committee advanced several pieces of legislation today including HB1100. This bill addresses veteran designations on Arkansas driver’s licenses. It gives a veteran more options to prove their veteran status when they go to the DMV for a license. This designation makes it easier on veterans to receive access to benefits. The [...]

Daily Update – Jan 28

2019-02-18T22:24:15+00:00 Jan 28th, 2019|Summaries|

The House is now entering its third week of the Regular Session. On Monday, the House voted 94-0 to require newborn screenings for spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). HB1074 also requires insurance policies to cover the screening. There is a new treatment available for SMA if it is detected early. The House voted in favor of [...]

Weekly Update – Jan 25

2019-02-18T22:23:22+00:00 Jan 25th, 2019|Summaries|

The House has now wrapped up the second week of the Regular Session. More than 250 bills have been filed in the House so far. And more than 150 have been filed in the Senate. Committees heard proposals on everything from restructuring our state government to rules about sunscreen use in schools. The House State [...]

Daily Update – Jan 24

2019-02-18T22:22:22+00:00 Jan 24th, 2019|Summaries|

On Thursday, the House passed legislation aimed at protecting employees when it comes to microchip technology. HB1177 provides rights for employees including the right to refuse an implant, have it removed, and access to the data collected. The bill also ensures that the employer is responsible for costs incurred. The bill passed with a vote [...]

Daily Update – Jan 23

2019-01-24T02:37:07+00:00 Jan 23rd, 2019|Summaries|

Members of the House State Agencies and Governmental Affairs Committee began hearing details on legislation to transform state government. HB1070 contains the general provisions for the transformation. It creates 15 departments. The departments created in the legislation are: · The Department of Agriculture · The Department of Commerce · The Department of Corrections · The [...]

Daily Update – Jan 22

2019-01-24T02:36:12+00:00 Jan 22nd, 2019|Summaries|

Two pieces of legislation addressing the opioid crises in Arkansas moved forward today. With a vote of 97-0, the House voted to advance HB1013 to the Senate. This bill adds podiatrists to the list of healthcare providers subject to rules regarding schedule II narcotics. Earlier today, the House Public Health, Welfare and Labor Committee advanced [...]

Weekly Update – Jan 18

2019-01-24T02:35:18+00:00 Jan 18th, 2019|Summaries|

Highway funding, tax cuts, teacher salaries, and transforming state government are just a few of the many issues before us this session. So far, more than 200 bills have been filed in the House. More than 130 bills have been filed in the Senate. These bills, and the hundreds yet to be filed, will all [...]