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Daily Update – Mar 26

Mar 26th, 2019|Summaries|

The House Revenue and Taxation Committee advanced SB561. This bill requires The Assessment Coordination Department to establish mandatory guidelines for county assessors to follow in identifying property that is exempt from property tax. It also [...]

Daily Update – Mar 25

Mar 25th, 2019|Summaries|

More than 550 bills have made it to the Governor’s desk during this legislative session. We now begin the 11th week of the Regular Session. The House passed more than 50 bills today including the [...]

Weekly Update – Mar 22

Mar 22nd, 2019|Summaries|

The House is now in the final weeks of the 2019 Regular Session. In recent days, the House has passed legislation increasing education funding, legislation increasing sales tax exemptions on used cars, and legislation creating [...]

Daily Update – Mar 20

Mar 20th, 2019|Summaries|

In a vote of 87-0, the House passed HB1674. This bill creates a statewide child abduction response team. It states that the following agencies shall collaborate in an effort to rescue abducted or endangered children: [...]

Daily Update – Mar 19

Mar 19th, 2019|Summaries|

With a vote of 91-0, the House passed HB1685. This bill increases the foundation funding for K-12 education from the current $6,713 per student to $6,899 per student for the 2019-2020 school year. The bill [...]

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