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Special Session Summary

Aug 14th, 2022|Summaries|

Thank you Senator Jonathan Dismang for this excellent explanation. Here is some information about what we did durning Special Session, specifically how they will impact low and middle income earners. We created an individual income [...]

August 11 – Special Session

Aug 11th, 2022|Summaries|

Legislation to accelerate tax cuts and legislation to fund school safety measures have now been signed into law. On Thursday morning, the House passed SB2 with a vote of 94-0. This legislation sets aside $50 [...]

August 10 – Special Session

Aug 10th, 2022|Summaries|

With a vote of 81-14, the House passed HB1002. HB1002 accelerates the implementation of income and corporate tax cuts which were scheduled to become effective incrementally over the next three years. If enacted, the top [...]

August 9 – Special Session

Aug 9th, 2022|Summaries|

On the first day of the special session, committees advanced two pieces of legislation. The Joint Budget Committee advanced SB2. This sets aside $50 million from the revenue surplus for the purpose of funding a [...]

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