Arkansas Farmers Market Week


Arkansas Farmers Market Week is just around the corner, running from June 9-15. With over 100 markets across the state, this is the perfect opportunity to explore the vibrant offerings of Arkansas agriculture.

Direct-to-consumer sales through these markets and other channels support more than 1,500 local farmers. Whether you’re after the freshest produce, a sense of community, or a pleasant way to spend a Saturday morning, Arkansas farmers markets provide a unique and enriching experience.

These markets are more than just venues for purchasing food; they are bustling community centers. They foster connections, nurture friendships, and invigorate the local spirit. By conversing with the farmers, you gain insights into their practices and the seasonal nature of various crops.

Every trip to a farmers market brings something new. From the first strawberries of spring to the hearty squash of autumn, the produce changes with the seasons, ensuring variety and excitement year-round. Buying directly from farmers means you’re not only enjoying the best seasonal produce but also supporting sustainable farming.

Your dollars spent at farmers markets have a significant impact, staying within the local economy and bolstering family farms and small businesses. This economic support is crucial for rural communities across Arkansas. Additionally, consumers benefit as producers can sell their goods at retail prices, ensuring fair compensation for their hard work.

Choosing to buy local helps secure the future of these farms and ensures the continuous availability of fresh, local produce for everyone.

In 2021, the General Assembly passed the Food Freedom Act (Act 1040), allowing even more products to be sold at local farmers markets. This legislation exempts certain homemade food and drink producers from licensure and certification requirements, including those making baked goods, candies, and jellies that don’t require refrigeration.

For a comprehensive list of all farmers markets in Arkansas, visit our website at Celebrate Arkansas Farmers Market Week by supporting your local farmers and enjoying the best of what our state has to offer.

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