Budget Hearings

Our state budget has a direct impact on everything from classrooms to health care. The importance of the budget is why the General Assembly begins reviewing budget needs weeks before the legislative session begins.

Budget hearings began this week and will continue through November 10.

During the hearings, the Joint Budget Committee (JBC) sits with the Arkansas Legislative Council (ALC) as voting participants in the hearings, creating the Arkansas Legislative Council/Joint Budget Committee (ALC/JBC).

Over the course of the budget hearings, the committee will hear budget requests for all state boards, commissions, and agencies.

This week the committee heard requests from licensing boards and commissions. Next week, the committee will begin hearing requests from state agencies.

Historically, the two largest categories of funding are education and human services.

The Department of Finance and Administration will present an annual forecast and the Governor’s recommendations for a balanced budget on November 10 at 9 am.

The most recent general revenue report released showed net available general revenue at 7.3% above levels from one year ago. After the first three months into the fiscal year, net available revenue is above forecast by $174.8 million or 10.4 percent.

All of the information gathered during these hearings will help in drafting appropriation bills.

Members can begin pre-filing bills on November 15. The Arkansas General Assembly will convene for the 2023 Regular Session on Monday, January 9.

You can watch find the daily agendas and watch the meetings live at

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