Clarification on my Co-Sponsored Bill

I wanted to let everyone that there is some misinformation being spread about a bill I have Co-Sponsored dealing with minimum wage. The bill DOES NOT roll back minimum wage to $7.25. What it does is clarify what areas are exempt from the new minimum wage increases. This does not override the vote of the people.

Simply put what the bill does is clarify that the increase in minimum does not apply to persons working under the age of 18, businesses with less than 50 employees, non-profits and schools.

Why would we want this? Small businesses and non-profits can’t afford the increase. They would be forced to layoff employees, cut hours and in some cases close down. Budgets are tight for our local schools and they can not afford the increases and would have to make cuts also. People under 18 are usually working first jobs and part time jobs and those employers can not afford the increase. They would also not hire those positions. These were unattended consequences.

For our small businesses, non-profits and schools this will allow them to continue to employ people and even allow some to stay in business.

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