COVID-19 Update – April 3

Governor’s press conference today, FRIDAY APRIL 3rd, 2020 (link in comments):

🔘 704 total

🔘 1 new county impacted: Monroe


📍Breakdown on the 704 cases:
20 children
487 people ages 18-64
197 people ages 65+

📍60% Female
40% Male
70% White
20% African American
10% Other

📍71 currently hospitalized
53 are from nursing homes (2 new
cases from Lakes of Maumelle NH)
60 people have recovered
96 healthcare workers

📍96 healthcare worker breakdown:
10 physicians
28 nurses
4 CNAs (Certified Nursing
Remaining 51 are licensed/
unlicensed or unknown

📍Total hospitalization: 53% are Male
Total ICU: 62% Male

📍Breakdown on 12 deaths
6 in Central AR
3 in NWA
2 in NEA
1 unknown

📍26 currently on ventilators
39 total have been on ventilators
Of the 39:
9 have passed away
5 have been taken off

➡️National Report on Positive COVID-19 cases & Underlying Medical Conditions (UMC):

Positive cases not hospitalized: 27%
have 1+ UMC
Positive cases hospitalized but not
ICU: 71% have 1+ UMC
Positive cases that required ICU:
78% have 1+ UMC

➡️ AR specific data on those with COVID-19:

8.5% have diabetes
7.7% have heart disease
4.4% have chronic lung disease
2.1% have chronic kidney disease

➡️ AR specific data on those hospitalized (excluding ICU) with COVID-19:

30% have diabetes
23% have heart disease
14% have chronic lung disease
8% have chronic kidney disease

➡️ AR specific data on those admitted to ICU with COVID-19:

38% have diabetes
27% have heart disease
16% have chronic lung disease
11% have chronic kidney disease


📍1st PPE shipment arrived today in
Gloves and masks coming in from
over seas. We are seeing delays with
China Customs. Next PPE shipment
will be April 11th.

📍 L’Oréal is making 550 gallons of
hand sanitizer a week for healthcare
workers in AR for free.

📍New Mobile Testing Unit:
Screened 123 in Helena yesterday
Tested 30 in Helena-no results yet

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