COVID-19 Update – March 19

Update from Governor’s News Conference

🔘 62 positive cases in the state. New counties are included as of today.

🔘Community spread is increasing. New cases are less and less travel related.


1️⃣ K-12 school will be closed through April 17th. He will re-evaluate at that time if additional closure is needed. Schools will continue with AMI instruction.

2️⃣ State employees will now work remotely through telecommunication. Only on-site workers will be for necessary function of government.

3️⃣ Hospitals, clinics, and mental health facilities are now mandated to screen temperatures and for COVID-19 symptoms for employees and for those entering.

4️⃣ Restaurants and bars will be closed for dine-in. Carry-out, drive-thru, and delivery is allowed (and encouraged to continue to support local business). Some alcohol restrictions have been lifted temporarily. If a business has a license to sell alcohol, they are allowed to sell corked/sealed bottles in light of new restrictions. (Link to specifics in comments)

5️⃣ Indoor venues will be closed for all non-essential functions. (i.e. gyms, etc)

📍 Encourage businesses to carry on via telecommunications, video conferencing, and remotely if possible.
📍 Continue practicing social distancing and encourages to screen both staff and visitors
📍 Make continuity plans for future that are consistent with guidelines we are receiving.

📍Older and medically compromised population are advised to stay home if possible.
📍Avoid gatherings of 10 or more people.
📍Avoid unnecessary trips.
📍Take advantage of activities like walking, hiking, and fishing.
📍Do not visit nursing homes, retirement homes, or long-term care facilities.
📍All these measures are consistent with national guidelines.
📍Hopeful churches will consider and abide by current public restrictions when thinking through whether or not they will continue to meet.

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