COVID-19 Update – March 28

Governor’s press conference today, SATURDAY MARCH 28th, 2020 (link in comments):

🔘 404 total cases, 2 new counties: Baxter and Johnson

🔘 2 new deaths (5 total). 1 person in 40’s. 1 person in 70’s. At least 1 didn’t have any underlying health issues. Both from Central AR.

🔘 30,000 unemployment claims in AR so far.

🔘We have not seen the significant increase in testing capabilities like we thought we would. There is a delay in supply chain for testing materials. Working to resolve.


📍Breakdown on the 404 cases:
15 children
259 people ages 19-64
130 people ages 65+

📍61% Female
39% Male
74% White
15% African American
11% Other

📍5 pregnant women
32 diabetes
29 cardiac disease
19 chronic lung disease
9 chronic kidney disease
11 compromised immune condition

📍48 hospitalized
17 on ventilators
42 are from nursing homes
24 people have recovered

📍If you are coming to AR from a highly infected state or city, please SELF QUARANTINE FOR 14 DAYS.

📍A unique way communities are coming together: In Saline Co, churches are meeting in Saline Memorial Hospital’s parking lot, staying in their cars, and gathering to pray.

📍Weddings are meant to be a joyous celebration but are currently a huge opportunity to spread COVID-19. Please think creatively on how to accomplish purpose of wedding without infecting people.


📍Unemployment website is now running 7 days a week. Or you can call the hotline at 844-908-2178.

📍Quick Action Bridge Loan Program is up and running to bridge the gap until we see the full strength of the SBA loans kick in.


📍 Congressman Hill gave great, detailed information on the CARES Act. Instead of typing it here, I’m including documents in the comments. It is A LOT of information but it’s concise and a valuable resource. I will also post links to access some of those resources directly in the comments.

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