Daily Summary – Apr 3

On Monday, the House passed HB1345. This bill increases the income tax deduction for a teacher’s classroom expenses from $500 a year to $750 a year.

The House also passed the following bills:

HB1720-This bill states that a digital currency tracker shall not be used in this state to track an individual’s purchases or location through the use by an individual of digital currency unless a warrant has been issued in a criminal or civil court case that expressly authorizes the tracking of the individual’s purchases or the individual knows and consents to the digital currency tracker.

HB1650-This bill creates the Event Ticketing and Resale Consumer Protection Act.

HB1681-This bill prohibits a state agency or local government from enacting or enforcing a universal basic income. Universal basic income is defined in the bill as a program that is not expressly required by federal law in which an individual receives a guaranteed cash payment regularly.

HB1346-This bill exempts sales tax on vehicles donated to food banks.

HB1398-This bill increases the stillborn child income tax credit from $1,000 to $1,500.

HB1540-This bill allows a public school to administer a grade-level placement test to a student who is reentering the public school.

HB1529-This bill creates the Arkansas Adult Diploma Program. The purpose of the program is to assist adults 21 years of age and older to obtain a high school diploma and develop employability and career technical skills. It directs the Department of Education to develop and administer the program to provide for a modality that is campus-based, online, or blended.

The House will reconvene on Tuesday at 1 p.m.

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