Daily Summary – April 19

The General Assembly is now entering the third week of the 2024 Fiscal Session.

This week, the House passed three resolutions to allow the introduction of non-appropriation bills during this session.

HR1013 will allow for the introduction of legislation outlining a temporary pay plan for state employees. The plan would increase pay for all state employees by 3%, increase the minimum starting salary to $32,405, and increase the maximum salary for all paygrades by 10%. The bill now outlining the plan is SB77 and has been introduced in the Senate.

The House also passed HR1009 and HR1020. These resolutions will allow for the introduction of legislation regarding digital asset mining businesses. SB78 and SB79 have been filed in the Senate.

This week, the House also passed more than 100 appropriation bills. The bills included appropriations for the Department of Corrections for overtime of correctional officers and transitional housing for inmates.

Appropriations for several two-year colleges and various state commissions also passed the House. In addition, the House passed a supplemental appropriation for $29 million for grants and aid to local school districts for the current fiscal year.

The House will convene again on Tuesday, April 23 at 1 pm. You can watch all House proceedings and committees at I’ll continue to update you.

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