Daily Update – Jan 9

The 2017 Regular Session is now underway. All House members were officially sworn into office this afternoon.

Our first vote was to elect the House Speaker. Rep. Jeremy Gillam will now be the 5th person in state history to serve two terms as Speaker.

Speaker Gillam announced the chairs and vice-chairs for standing committees. The standing committees is where the majority of bills will be presented. The list of committees including the newly appointed chairs can be found on our website

Speaker Gillam also announced the members who will serve on select committees. These committees include House Management, House Rules, Joint Committee on Energy, Joint Performance Review, Joint Committee on Public Retirement and Social Security Programs, and Joint Committee on Advanced Communications and Information Technology. The membership for select committees is also available on the website.

The House will reconvene tomorrow at 10am in the House Chamber. At 10:30 we will gather in the Chamber for a Joint Session with the Senate. Governor Hutchinson will address the legislature in this Joint Session.

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