Daily Update – Jan 11

Two pieces of legislation addressing the use of medical marijuana are now heading to the House floor.

The House Rules committee advanced HB1058 and HB1026.

HB1058 strikes a line in the recently passed Medical Marijuana Amendment that states a physician must determine “the potential benefits of the medical use of marijuana would likely outweigh the health risks” for the patient.   It also changes the user’s registry identification card from a medical record to a physicians record.

HB1026 would push back the deadline for the state to begin accepting dispensary and cultivation facility applications.  The bills moves the date from June 1 to July 1 of this year to allow agencies more time to adopt rules and regulations.

With a vote of 75-23, the House passed the House Rules for the 91st General Assembly.  The rules make changes to the way members of standing committees are selected.  Previously, seniority gave members priority for committee selection.  The new rules state the Speaker would make committee appointments.  This change does not impact committees for the 91st General Assembly.

The House will reconvene tomorrow morning at 10 am.

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