Daily Summary – Feb 1

House members passed several bills on Wednesday including three bills advanced by the House Education Committee.

HB1156 states that public schools and open-enrollment public charter schools shall designate multiple occupancy restrooms for exclusive use by the male sex or exclusive use by the female sex.

HB1157 states that every public school and open-enrollment charter school shall provide parents with digital or hard copy information about local water safety education courses and swimming lessons offered for free or at a reduced price.

HB1238 outlines enhanced transportation funding for school districts.

The House also passed HB1004. This bill amends the Sex Offender Registration Act by requiring the physical address of the sex offender, including the house or apartment number, to be made public. Currently, only the street name and block number are required.

The House passed HB1245. This bill directs the House and Senate Judiciary Committees to conduct a study of financial matters related to the court system.

In addition, the House passed HB1042. This bill enhances coverage of prostate cancer screenings by directing the Insurance Commissioner to adopt any updated guidelines published by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network.

The House is scheduled to reconvene on Thursday at 11 a.m. Any changes to the schedule due to winter weather will be posted at

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