Daily Summary – Jan 26

On Tuesday, the House Education Committee advanced HB1151 which suspends the public school rating system for the 2020-2021 school year due to the disruption to education caused by the pandemic.

The House Education Committee also advanced HB1009 which allows a public school or an open-enrollment public charter school to distribute excess food to students for consumption on the school campus or at home.

The House Public Health, Welfare, and Labor Committee advanced HB1003. This bill ensures respectful language is used in Arkansas code regarding individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing and removes from the Arkansas code the term “hearing impaired”.

The full House passed HB1217 which amends the review process for state agency rules. This bill would divide the agencies into 6 rule groups. The Arkansas Legislative Council would review one rule group every two years.

The House also passed HB1051 which states what has to be disclosed and how it is disclosed in advertising by private security and home security companies.

The House passed HB1027 which allows self-storage companies to advertise sales in a commercially reasonable manner. Currently, such advertising of sales is limited to newspapers.

The House will reconvene Wednesday at 1 pm.

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