Daily Summary – Jan 28

With a vote of 94-0, the House passed legislation to expand broadband access in Arkansas. SB74 allows cities, counties, and improvement districts to partner with established providers to expand broadband services for those who currently do not have service or those who are underserved.

The House passed HB1113, which amends the Commission of State Lands Urban Homestead Act. Currently, the Commissioner of State Lands can donate land to community organizations to develop low-income housing. This bill states that if the donated land has not been used for that purpose after three years, the commissioner has the option to allow the land to be used for the development of a public school or open-enrollment charter school in an area with a high poverty rate.

The House passed HB1202. This bill requires counties to post sample ballots on the Secretary of State website at least 20 days before each preferential primary and general election and at least ten days before each general primary, general runoff, school, or special election.

The House passed HB1211, which states the Governor shall not prohibit or limit a religious organization from continuing to operate religious services during a declared emergency.

The House also passed SB76, which creates a permitting process for excursion trains to serve and sell alcoholic beverages.

The House will reconvene on Monday at 1 pm.

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