Daily Summary – Mar 13

On Monday, the House passed several bills regarding elections including the following:

  • HB1457-This bill directs the State Board of Election Commissioners to develop an online training program for poll watchers. HB1457 also identifies who can serve as a poll watcher, requires all poll watchers to wear an identification badge, and outlines the process for poll watchers to challenge a ballot.
  • SB258. This bill prohibits the use of absentee ballot drop boxes. It states all absentee ballots not delivered by mail shall be hand-delivered inside the physical office of the county clerk.
  • SB293-This bill outlines the process for a county board of election commissioners to correct errors on ballots.

The House also passed two bills regarding human trafficking laws.

  • HB1459 increases the fines for a human trafficking conviction and trafficking-related charges to not less than $5,000 and not more than $15,000. The bill states 50% of the fines should be directed to the Safe Harbor Fund for Sexually Exploited Children and 50% to the Human Trafficking Victim Support Fund.
  • HB1470 amends the law concerning conditions for crime victims reparations. It provides an exception for trafficking victims to a rule that victims must cooperate with law enforcement to be eligible for an award of reparations.

In addition, the House passed HB1509. This bill amends the No Patient Left Alone Act to include outpatient facilities. It also ensures hospital patients are allowed to have overnight visitors.

The House will reconvene on Tuesday at 1:30 p.m.

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