Daily Summary – Mar 30

House members completed the 12th week of the 2023 Regular Session on Thursday. Next week, the House is expected to address criminal justice reform, tax cuts, and the Revenue Stabilization Act (RSA). The RSA prioritizes general revenue spending for the next fiscal year.

On Thursday, the House passed the following bills:

SB377-This bill creates a misdemeanor offense concerning initiative petitions if a person knowingly changes a signature on a petition, erases or destroys a signature, pays a person in exchange for not signing a petition, or misrepresents the purpose and effect of the petition.

HB1617-This bill would require an autopsy in the case of a suspected drug overdose.

HB1502-This bill creates the offense of sexual solicitation of a minor and classifies the offense as a Class B felony.

HB1516-This bill allows a public school district to partner with a business to allow a subject-matter expert to offer instruction. It bill also creates an income tax credit for businesses that participate.

HB1548-This bill removes the 30-day waiting period for certain driver’s license applicants who complete the driver’s examination.

SB306-This bill directs the Department of Human Services to seek a waiver from the federal government to temporarily exempt Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program enrollees from the current asset limits.

HB1610-This bill amends the law relating to public meetings under the Freedom of Information Act. It defines a public meeting as one-third or more of the members of a governing body of all municipalities, counties, townships, school districts and all boards, bureaus, or commissions of the State of Arkansas.

The House will reconvene on Monday at 1:30 p.m.

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