Daily Summary – Mar 6

House members began the 9th week of the 2023 Regular Session on Monday.

The House passed several bills addressing elections including HB1487. This bill creates the Ballot Security Act of 2023. The bill allows for the tracking of ballots and proper delivery and creates a process to preserve spoiled ballots.

The House passed HB1510. This bill states special elections shall be held on the second Tuesday of March or November in a year when a presidential election is held or the second Tuesday of May and November of all other years. The bill outlines specific criteria for exceptions to hold an emergency special election.

The House also passed the following:

  • HB1032-This bill increases the amount of the Homestead Property Tax Credit from $375 to $425.
  • HB1142-This bill directs the Division of Environmental Quality to establish the Arkansas Nuclear Recycling Program. The bill states the division should secure federal funding to contract with scientific and engineering organizations to study the feasibility and commercial viability of the interim storage and recycling of spent nuclear fuel at locations in Arkansas.
  • HB1315-This bill creates the Seizure Safe Schools Act. It states that by the 2024-2025 school year, the board of each public school district and the governing body of each private school or school district shall have at least 2 employees at each school who have met the training requirements necessary to recognize the signs and symptoms of seizures and the appropriate steps to be taken to respond .

The House will reconvene on Tuesday at 1:30 p.m.

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