Daily Update – Apr 10

The vast majority of work for the 2019 Regular Session is now complete. We will meet one final time later this month to address any unfinished business and official adjourn.

On Wednesday, the House passed SB490. This bill expands the eligibility requirements for the Succeed Scholarship Program. This bill will allow students who have been in the foster care system, those who have been diagnosed with a disability and those who participated in the program during the prior year to use the scholarship to attend an eligible private school.

The House passed SB411, An Act to Prohibit Municipal Sanctuary Policies. This bill states a municipality that enacts or adopts a sanctuary policy is ineligible for discretionary funds or grants administered by the state until the policy is repealed. Sanctuary policies listed in the bill include preventing law enforcement officers from asking a person about his or her immigration status and limiting a municipal employee from cooperating with federal agencies to verify the immigration status of a resident.

The House also passed a resolution making changes to the committee selection process. Current House Rules require the Speaker to appoint members to committee. HR1023 outlines the procedure for members to select their standing committee positions based on seniority.

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