Daily Update – Apr 3

The House approved HR1073. This resolution allows for the introduction of a third proposed constitutional amendment. The proposed amendment, which can now be introduced, is HJR1008-An Amendment to the Arkansas Constitution to Amend the Process for the Submission and Approval of Proposed Initiated Acts, Constitutional Amendments, And Referenda.

The House passed HB1839. This bill prohibits individuals from purchasing or providing funds to purchase a prepaid mobile device with wireless communication services for a minor in this state. This law would not apply to parents, grandparents or legal guardians of the minor.

The House passed HB1890. This bill would require the Department of Education to establish in standards for accreditation the maximum number of students that a teacher in grades 5-12 is permitted to teach per day.

The House passed HB1928. This bill requires an audio recording to be made of all public meetings. Exceptions are made for volunteer fire departments, cities of the second class and incorporated towns.

The House passed HB1963. This bill directs UAMS Psychiatric Research Institute to establish and operate a pilot program that creates a school safety and crisis line. Students can use the line to anonymously report tips of school threats and bullying. The bill states students could also use the crises line to seek help for suicidal thoughts or drug treatment.

The House will reconvene on Thursday at 1:30pm.

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