Daily Update – Feb 15

A bill that paves a way for state employees to take up to 4 weeks of paid maternity leave is now heading to the Governor’s desk.

In a vote of 93-0, the House passed SB125. This allows state employees to use catastrophic leave for maternity purposes. This will not cost taxpayers any additional money, since state employees are allowed to donate their unused annual and sick leave to the catastrophic fund.

On Wednesday, the House also passed HB1405 which reduces unemployment insurance taxes for employers by reducing the number of weeks an individual can claim unemployment from 20 to 16.

And in a vote of 89-2, members advanced HB1034. This legislation requires any business which sells hearing aids to provide information to the consumer about when and where additional services for the instrument will be available. This bill is to ensure that mobile units sell hearing aids provide a way for the consumer to receive a follow-up appointment.

The House will reconvene on Thursday at 1:30 p.m.

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