Daily Update – Feb 16

In a vote of 94-0, the House passed HB1385, known as “Shannon’s Law”. This bill was named in recognition of a victim of the serial attacker known as blue light rapist. The offender would use a dash-mounted police-style blue light to pull women over in the late 1990’s. The legislature outlawed the sale of these lights after the attacks, but HB1385 now makes it a crime to possess a blue light. The bill also escalates the crime of selling official law enforcement insignia from a misdemeanor to a felony.

The House also passed HB1007 which makes an exception to judicial immunity in cases where a judge is convicted of taking a bribe. This would allow only the individuals adversely affected by a judge’s decision as a result of a bribe to sue for damages.

In a vote of 58-21, the House advanced HB1183 which allows Medicaid recipients to visit chiropractor without a referral from their primary care physician.

The House will reconvene Friday morning at 10am.

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