Daily Update – Feb 21

On Tuesday, the House passed legislation aimed at enhancing the state’s trespassing laws.

HB1554 would allow a prosecutor to charge an individual with a Class A misdemeanor if he or she was caught trespassing and in possession of certain objects such as tools to use for breaking and entering, tools used to dig artifacts, or firearms. The bill would allow prosecutors to charge an individual with a Class D felony if he or she has faced two previous Class A misdemeanor charges for trespassing.

In a vote of 56-25, with 8 voting present, the House approved SB265. This would allow natural gas companies to present expansion projects to the Arkansas Public Service Commission. If the commission believes the project is beneficial, they can approve projects to allow natural gas pipelines in areas where natural gas is not currently available. Testimony on the House floor indicated if approved, a project could cost consumers of that utility 8 to 10 additional cents each month.

The House also passed SB272 which makes clear that charging stations for electric vehicles are not classified as a public utility.

The House will reconvene tomorrow at 1:30 pm.

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