Daily Update – Feb 25

With a vote of 78-13 and 2 members voting present, the House passed HB1489. This legislation addresses petitions for constitutional amendments. It removes the attorney general’s office from the process of developing ballot titles. It also make violating rules on signature collection a Class D felony.

The House passed HB1439. This bill prohibits abortions after 18 weeks’ gestation except in the event of a medical emergency. This bill passed with a vote of 77-13.

Other bills passing the House on Monday include:

HB1304-This bill amends the Arkansas Speed Trap Law. It requires Legislative Audit to include information to determine if a municipality is potentially abusing police power in the agency’s routine audit reports.

HB1413-This bill states private school and home school students who enroll in an endorsed concurrent enrollment course in a public school should not be charged for the course unless the district also charges public school students.

HB1438-This bill makes repeat offenses of voyeurism and video voyeurism a Class C felony.

The House will convene again on Tuesday at 1:30pm.

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