Daily Update – Feb 28

In a vote of 85-6, the House passed HB1437. This bill makes it a Class A misdemeanor if a mandated reporter fails to notify law enforcement of a serious threat made by an individual regarding violence in or targeted at a school.

The House also passed HB1356. This bill makes it against the law for students to be shamed or stigmatized for not paying for lunch. It prohibits schools from providing a different meal or snack than other students, from requiring a wristband or hand stamp, or requiring the student to dispose of the meal. It also requires the Department of Education to implement a system of best practices in collecting for unpaid lunches.

Additional legislation passing the House on Thursday include:

HB1416-This bill removes the enrollment cap on school districts which separation may occur.

HB1491- This bill mandates DHS dissolve the wait list for the alternative community services waiver program (Developmental Disabilities Waiver) within 3 years.

HB1493-This bill amends the Arkansas Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit. It lowers the minimum threshold for the credit from $25,000 to $5,000 of rehabilitation expenses in non-income producing properties.

The House Public Health, Welfare, and Labor Committee advanced HB1290. This bill authorizes pharmacists to provide access to and administration of oral contraceptives.

The House Judiciary Committee advanced HB1497. This bill provides liability protection for stolen agricultural equipment or other off-road vehicle.

The House Education Committee advanced HB1485. This bill allows schools to use excess NSL (National School Lunch) funds for teacher salaries in certain circumstances.

The House Public Transportation Committee advanced HB1561 which allows the State Highway Commission to approve an autonomous vehicle pilot program.

The House will convene again on Monday at 1:30pm.

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