Daily Update – Feb 5

The House Education Committee advanced several bills including HB1145, the Teacher Salary Enhancement Act. This bill raises the minimum teacher salary by $4,000 over the next 4 years.

The House Revenue and Taxation Committee advanced HB1321. This bill increases the Homestead Property Tax Credit from $350 to $375 a year.

The House Public Health, Welfare and Labor Committee advanced HB1362, which would transfer $300,000 in surplus funds from the Marketing Recyclables Program Fund to the Used Tire Recycling Fund. This will allow the program to accept bids for the collection and processing extra-large tires such as those used on tractors and farming equipment.

In a vote of 89-7, with 1 member voting present, the full House voted in favor of HB1182. This bill makes it a primary offense to use a handheld wireless device in a school zone.

The full House also passed HB1006 which raises the penalty for passing a stopped school bus. This bill raises the minimum fine to $500 and the maximum fine to $2,000.

Committees will meet Wednesday morning at 10am. The full House will meet at 1:30 pm.

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