Daily Update – Jan 29

The House Public Transportation Committee advanced several pieces of legislation today including HB1100. This bill addresses veteran designations on Arkansas driver’s licenses. It gives a veteran more options to prove their veteran status when they go to the DMV for a license. This designation makes it easier on veterans to receive access to benefits.

The Transportation Committee also passed HB1241. This allows the Department of Community Correction six months after an inmate’s release to help him or her obtain a state ID or driver’s license. Current requirements state the department can only assist in the months prior to his or her release. State issued identification helps probationers and parolees find housing and employment.

The House Education Committee advanced SB56. This amends the membership of the Arkansas Higher Education coordinating board. It expands the number of members from business and industry in an effort to better partner with business community.

The House Judiciary Committee advanced several pieces of legislation including HB1239 which updates what is included in a search for a parolee’s residence. Currently, law enforcement officers and probation officers are not allowed to search an out-building or garage.

The Judiciary Committee also advanced HB1242 which ensures the Department of Community Correction has the authority to oversee and license transitional housing facilities.

The House will convene again on Wednesday at 1:30 pm.

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