Daily Update – Jan 31

In a vote of 74-21, the House approved HB1047. This bill requires voters to present photo identification at the polling place. HB1047 would allow those without a photo ID to cast a provisional ballot. The provisional ballot would be counted if the individual presents the necessary identification to the county clerk or election board by noon on the Monday following the election.

This afternoon, the House also passed legislation allowing an out of state law enforcement officer to follow a vehicle into Arkansas to investigate a violent crime, felony, or a driver under the influence.

Also advancing to the Senate is a bill allowing a student who attends a private school or home school to enroll in an academic course within their public school district. The public school district that enrolls a private school or home school student would be entitled to 1/6 of the state foundation funding amount for each course.

The House will reconvene on Wednesday at 1:30 p.m.

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