Daily Update – Mar 1

In a vote of 53-34 with 4 voting present, the House passed SB284. This bill allows grocery stores in the state to sell wine from all producers. Currently, grocery stores in the state are only allowed to sell from small wineries.

In a vote of 55-32, the House passed HB1465 which would prohibit DHS from accepting any new applications into the expanded Medicaid program after July 1st. The sponsor of the legislation says this would first require approval from the Federal Center from Medicare and Medicaid Services.

The House passed HB1670 which allows state police to put guidelines in their driver’s manual to instruct drivers and passengers on proper procedure when pulled over by law enforcement. The bill makes note that every traffic stop, even for minor violations, may be potentially dangerous. While law enforcement are thoroughly trained in traffic stop safety, drivers and passengers are not.

The House also passed HB1474, which allows home school students to participate in interscholastic activities, such as athletics or band, in a school district other than the one where they reside if superintendents from both school districts agree.

The House will reconvene at 1:30pm on Thursday.

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