Daily Update – Mar 13

The Second Extraordinary Session is now underway. The House convened briefly this morning and then met in various committees to hear testimony and debate on the bills.

House committees ultimately advanced 7 bills. The following bills are expected to be presented on the House floor tomorrow for a vote:

HB1001 aligns state law with federal law by adding changes to the definitions of alcoholic beverages, motor vehicle, and open alcoholic beverage container. The changes are needed to avoid losing federal highway grants.

HB1003 makes changes to the law concerning when the operator of an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) can use a public street or highway. This loosens restrictions when drivers are trying to get from one off-road trail to another or back to their property.

HB1005 amends the code concerning the design and construction of certain trail projects that are donated to and managed by the State Parks, Recreation, and Travel Commission.

HB1007 concerns ADEQ permits for liquid animal waste management systems. This bill states that an existing state permit that is in good standing is not subject to review or third-party appeal for siting or location issues that were not raised during the applicable review or appeal period at the time of permit issuance.

HB1008 makes changes to the 529 savings plan in an effort to mirror federal law. The new federal tax plan allows funds to be withdrawn for K-12 education expenses in both public and private schools.

HB1009 amends the code concerning how siblings are to be treated in the counting of transfer students by allowing siblings to meet or exceed the 3% cap found in state education guidelines.

HB1010 will allow the state Insurance Department to regulate pharmacy benefit managers. This allows the agency to establish reporting requirements.

The House will convene Wednesday at 10am.

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