Daily Update – Mar 15

The House has now officially adjourned the Second Extraordinary Session. All bills presented on the House floor are now on the Governor’s desk.

Today, the House voted on Senate versions of the bills presented to us the day before. Those included a bill allowing the Insurance Department to regulate pharmacy benefit managers and a bill allowing certain withdraws from 529 college savings plans.

The House also voted in favor of SB5 today. This bill creates an avenue for lenders and borrowers to agree to waive their rights to a jury trial in the event of a lawsuit. This legislation was filed as a response to a state Supreme Court ruling that stated such waivers are not enforceable.

In what is now becoming a House tradition on the last day of session, members paid for the privilege of breaking dress code and wearing blue jeans on the House floor. This year’s “Do Pass for Denim” raised $1,080 for the non-profit organization “The Call.” The Call supports foster and adoptive families in the state.

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