Daily Update – Mar 15

On Wednesday, the House passed HB1729 which sets the funding for our public schools. This bill increases the funding from $6,584/per student to $6,713/per student for the next school year.

The House also passed HB1710 which revises civics and world history requirements to graduate from high school. Currently, there is a requirement for a half year of civics education. This expands the requirement to a year and requires study of the founding documents and the Federalist Papers.

The House passed HB2185, the Electric Bicycle Act. This bill ensures that the operator of an electric bicycle be given the same rights and privileges on the road as a bicyclist.
This bill also clarifies that an electric bicycle is not a motor vehicle and is not subject to insurance, licensing, or registration.

The House will reconvene tomorrow at 1:30pm.

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