Daily Update – Mar 2

The House has now wrapped up the 8th week of the Regular Session. The deadline to file bills is at the close of business on Monday.

Today, the House passed HB1656, which allows Arkansans to enter an emergency contact when renewing a driver’s license. This information can assist law enforcement in notifying next of kin or designated contact in times of emergency.

The House passed legislation concerning the regulation of medical marijuana.

HB1580 places a 4% tax on the sale of medical marijuana from a cultivator and the sale from the dispensary. The sponsor of the legislation explained the revenue is needed to cover the cost of regulation.

HB1584 allows for a temporary license to be issued to a cultivator or a dispensary.

And the House passed HB1578 which defines the term “riot” and allows an individual to take civil action against a person who engages in a riot if that person obstructs emergency medical services.

The bill defines riot as violent conduct by three or more persons acting in concert that creates a substantial risk of:
a)Causing public alarm
b)Disrupting the performance and governmental functions
c) Damaging or injuring property or a person
d)Impeding travel or public right of access to a road, highway, or thoroughfare.

The House will reconvene on Monday at 1:30pm.

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