Daily Update – Mar 20

On Monday, the House passed a bill to change the date of primary elections and fiscal sessions in Arkansas.

HB1707 would move permanently move the preferential primary from May to the first Tuesday in March.
The bill also moves the date of fiscal sessions for the General Assembly from the second Monday in February to the second Wednesday in April. Fiscal sessions are held in even-numbered years only.

The House also passed HB1166 which allows a tenant to terminate a lease agreement if the residential landlord fails to provide heating and air conditioning (if provided when signing the lease), functioning electricity, potable water, and a sanitary sewer system.

And the House agreed to an amendment to HB1047. This bill would require voters to present photo identification at polling sites before casting a ballot. The amendment agreed to today would allow an individual to cast a provisional ballot without the ID if they sign a sworn statement.

The House will reconvene on Tuesday at 1:30pm.

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