Daily Update – Mar 6

Today is the last day for members to file bills for this session. Since the office opened this morning, more than 200 bills have been filed in the House.

This afternoon, the House passed HB1592, which ensures that insurance companies treat oral chemotherapy like any other form of chemotherapy when it comes to coverage.

Oral chemotherapy can provide a patient with more flexibility on when and where to take the treatment. In Arkansas, not all insurance companies currently cover the cost the same as traditional forms of chemo.

The House passed HB1636, which allows adoptees to request their original birth certificate when they reach the age of 21. Birth parents can redact their names from the certificate. This legislation also allows birth parents to complete a contact preference form and provide information for a designated contact if they so chose. It also encourages birth parents to complete health and genetic history.

The House also passed HB1720, which requires cosmetology students receive training in recognizing the signs of domestic violence.

The House will reconvene tomorrow at 1:30 pm.

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