Daily Update – Mar 7

The House Education Committee advanced HB1409. This bill provides 40 minutes of recess for elementary school students. Currently, most students are allowed 20 minutes.

The committee also advanced HB1647. This bill amends the eligibility requirements for the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship to include the applicant’s superscore on the ACT.
“Superscore” means the final composite score that is calculated according to a combination of the highest individual section scores across all of the ACT tests taken by an individual.

The House Public Health, Welfare and Labor Committee advanced HB1552. This bill allows for licensing of DACA recipients for nursing licenses.

The House Public Transportation Committee advanced HB1689. This bill increases the penalties for passing an authorized vehicle stopped on a highway. It increases the maximum fine from $500 to $1,000.

The full House passed HB1620. This bill creates the Arkansas Cycling Activities Act. It puts liability protections in place for businesses renting bicycles in the state.

The full House also passed HB1565. This bill seeks to provide funding for a national cancer institute-designated center at UAMS. The bill provides the funding by diverting existing taxes on medical marijuana from general revenue to the institute trust fund. The trust fund would also receive new revenue created by a 50 cents per pack tax on cigarette rolling papers, removing a border tax exemption on cigarettes and increasing the minimum mark price on cigarettes. In addition, HB1565 raises the legal age to use or possess vape or tobacco products to 21, with an exception for military.

The House also passed HB1640 which designates the Alligator Gar as the official game fish of Arkansas.

The House will reconvene on Monday at 1:30pm.

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