Daily Update – Mar 8

With a vote of 87-5, the House passed HB1137, an Act to Amend the Revenue Stabilization Law. This is the piece of legislation outlining the overall budget for the next fiscal year.

It includes a $172 million, or 3.1% increase, in spending from the current fiscal year. $142 million of that increase goes to the state’s Medicaid program.

The House also passed HB1122, the appropriation for the Office of Treasurer. This is the bill that failed previously failed in the House. Today, members voted to remove an amendment on the bill that would have allow taxpayers with 529 college savings plans to use withdrawals for tuition at a public, private or religious elementary or secondary school. The governor has indicated he will direct the issue surrounding the 529 plans to be addressed in the upcoming special session.

The House will convene again on Friday at 9am. You can find details on the budget we passed and watch all House floor proceedings on our

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