Governor’s Press Conference – April 24

Governor’s press conference today, FRIDAY APRIL 24th, 2020:

🔘 2,741 total cases. Up 276 from yesterday. 198 of those are from Cummins and just backlog over last several days being entered into the system. 78 are from general population and Cummins staff.

🔘 Signed a state disaster declaration for 11 counties due to recent storm damage.

🔘 Signed a letter today putting in request for a federal disaster declaration for Jonesboro. Receipts total $500M from the tornado that hit weeks ago.

🔘 In the last 24 hours, we have received 2,808 tests reports. They have a 4.1% positive rate (inclusive of correctional facilities).

🔘 AR Surge Campaign: Don’t Wait, Get Tested. You will still need to call ahead of time and report your symptoms.

🔘 Dental Procedures may resume May 18th.

🔘 AR Economic Development Commission awarded $5M in bridge loans. There are still many outstanding requests. An additional $1M will be added to the Quick Action Closing Fund to fulfill outstanding loans requests.


📍Out of 2,741 total cases:
1,763 are active
932 have recovered
104 currently hospitalized
25 currently on ventilators
1 new death (46 total)
1 new county-Fulton
176 have been nursing home
102 have been nursing home staff
34 active nursing home

📍Cummins Unit:
690 inmate positives
Over 30 staff positives

📍Forrest City Federal Corr. Institution:
79 inmates
11 staff

📍34,745 tests total, 7.9% overall
positivity rate

📍Concerned about 3 day increase in
numbers from general population.
Slightly higher positivity rates in
NWA and NEA. Will be watching

📍On non-urgent office dental
procedures: this will be a staged
approach – not everything allowed at
once. Provisions/guidance will be
released later today for May 18th


📍170,000 unemployment claims in AR.

📍Pandemic Unemployment Assistance
website will be running by the end of
the month. Anticipate 125,000
people will file.

📍EZARC website will be closed
tomorrow from 6am-noon to
transition to a larger mainframe. This
should resolve the crashes that have
been happening.

📍Starting Sunday, the call center will
go to 7 days a week 844-908-2178

📍Insurance Dept is letting people
know if they’ve lost their heath
insurance due to loss of employment,
there are likely marketplace
Healthcare plans you can join.

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