Hoxie – The First Stand

I was honored today to run a House Resolution honoring the integration of the Hoxie Schools in 1955. Ms. Ethel Thompkins, the first African-American graduate from Hoxie helped me tell the story today. She is living history and an inspiration to me daily.

Hoxie was the first full integration and first legally challenged integration after the 1954 US Supreme Court decision on Brown v the Board of Education.

Hoxie was not forced to integrate they did it peacefully and without military intervention because as the school board said: 1st it was the law, 2nd it wound save the school money and 3rd it was right in the eyes of god. Because of the courage of the superintendent, school board and the citizens Hoxie we now have integrated schools not only throughout Arkansas but the United States.

Help us spread the story of Hoxie – The First Stand. We will be having a Hoxie day at the Arkansas State Capitol on Monday, March 13th. Come out and learn more about Hoxie and why their story deserves to be told.

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