Laws to Safeguard our Electoral Process

This week, the Joint Performance Review Committee received testimony from state and county election officials about the use of paper ballots and voting machines. The 94th General Assembly has been diligently working to pass legislation that ensures the security of our elections.

During the 2023 Regular Session, we enacted several important laws to safeguard our electoral process:

  • Act 329 – The Ballot Security Act of 2023: This act enables the tracking of ballots and proper delivery, and establishes a process for preserving spoiled ballots.
  • Act 350 – This act mandates that counties opting for paper ballots instead of approved voting machines will bear the cost of the paper ballots and any necessary printing and tabulation devices. It also requires that each paper ballot be compatible with the electronic vote tabulation devices chosen by the Secretary of State.
  • Act 620 – This act introduces an election integrity review audit process, which will be conducted by the State Board of Election Commissioners to evaluate county elections and processes.
  • Act 460 – This act outlines the process for duplicating and counting damaged ballots during an election.
  • Act 353 – This act prohibits the use of absentee ballot drop boxes.
  • Act 444 – This act directs the State Board of Election Commissioners to create an online training program for poll watchers.
  • Act 308 – This act outlines the process for county boards of election commissioners to correct ballot errors.
  • Act 321 – This act establishes a procedure for the recount of ballots.
  • Act 544 – This act creates the Election Integrity Unit within the Attorney General’s Office, which is tasked with maintaining the Arkansas Election Integrity Database, tracking alleged election law violations, responding to complaints, investigating alleged violations, and instituting civil proceedings to enforce election laws.
  • Act 246 – This act sets forth procedures for transferring equipment and materials between polling sites if needed.
  • Act 441 – This act requires the Secretary of State to ensure the security and accuracy of the statewide voter registration list by cross-referencing it with other states, verification services, and information from the Social Security Administration.

As we approach the November 5 General Election, we want to remind you that early voting begins on October 21. The last day to register to vote is October 7. You can find a voter registration application at

Your participation in the electoral process is vital, and we are committed to ensuring that every vote is secure and counted accurately.

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