My Child / My Student Campaign

Do you know what goals your child should be setting for this school year? Do you know what mental health services are available at your child’s school?

These are just two topics that parents and teachers should be discussing in the first weeks of school. But remembering to approach every topic while finding classrooms and gathering school supplies can be overwhelming.

That is part of the reason why the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) began the “My Child/My Student” campaign.

The goal of this campaign, in its fifth year, is to encourage positive and productive communication between parents and teachers. Ongoing communication builds a support network that encourages student learning and success.

The campaign highlights a college and career readiness topic and student safety topic each month. The campaign begins in August and ends in May. Resources and links to helpful information for parents and teachers are posted at and ADE’s social media throughout the school year. The 2018-2019 Topics List provides questions for parents and teachers to consider when communicating with each other.

The topics for August include setting goals and school bus safety.

Parents and teachers are encouraged to discuss answers to the following:

· What goals should my child/my student set for this school year?

· What resources are available to help my child/my student if he/she is struggling to reach goals?

· How will progress be measured, communicated and celebrated?

· What school bus safety tips should I share with my child/my student?

Recommended topics for September include Reading Initiative for Student Excellence (RISE) and Mental Health Awareness.

Research is clear: grades and attendance are directly impacted by parent involvement. We encourage parents to take advantage of the resources available from ADE to help make guide your participation.

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