Poultry House Rate Increases

Let me start by saying this is NOT a legislative mandate!

ACD (Assessment Coordination Department) decided to do this increase all on their own! We are fighting to get this fixed. This certainly appears to violate the provision of Amendment 79 of our state constitution that limits the annual increase in taxable assessed value of non-homestead real property to 10%. If this assessment impacts you, please contact your local county assessor to appeal. If that doesn’t work, please contact your Representative or Senator. We are currently working to try to fix!

If you don’t have people (like me) at the Capitol looking after your interests, expect more issues like this to happen. Term limits are good and to be sure, Arkansas currently DOES have term limits. There is a group that wants to drastically reduce term limits from 16 to 6 years plus one 4 year term as a Senator. This will leave Arkansans vulnerable to administrators and lobbyists with institutional knowledge and the ability to run rampant over your rights. Please know the issues with changing term limits.

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