Teacher Appreciation Week May 7-11

It is never lost on us here at the Capitol that a teacher’s day does not end with the bell. We know they spend countless hours at home grading papers, preparing for tomorrow’s lesson, and thinking about how to reach that challenging student who is falling behind.

We want to thank teachers for their relentless commitment to our children, seeing their full potential when no one else can and restoring their confidence. We also thank them for inspiring the next generation of teachers.

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 7-11. This is a great time to show our thanks to the more than 33,000 teachers across the state.

The Arkansas Department of Education created a Teacher Appreciation page on its website :…/educator%2…/teacher-appreciation. On the page you will find a teacher appreciation certificate and notecard that can be downloaded and used, as well as a short toolkit with ideas.

We also encourage you to share your photos and videos on social media using #TeachersInspireAR and #TeachArkansas.

Arkansas has many amazing teachers who show their commitment to student-focused education. Teachers deserve to be appreciated and celebrated every day.

You can show your appreciation for teachers throughout the school year by serving as a volunteer in the classroom or on a field trip, or by collaborating with others to fund special projects, supplies or field trips. Teachers love to provide amazing learning experiences for their students. Find out what needs you can help meet in the classroom.

By the time a student graduates from high school, he or she will have spent about 17,000 hours at school being instructed by more than 40 teachers. That’s why almost everyone has a story about a teacher who has touched his or her life.

Teachers love to hear how they’ve made a positive impact on a student. Share your story this week.

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