The 94th General Assembly convenes on January 9

The 94th General Assembly will convene at noon on Monday, January 9.

The House will have 26 new members taking the oath of office and 74 returning members. The longest-serving members will be serving their 7th term in the House.

This body will range in age from 27 to 81. There will be 26 women serving in the House.

Occupations of members vary widely. There will be 9 farmers, 9 attorneys, and 10 members who are either currently teaching or are former educators.
The House will have 11 members who work in either real estate or property management. In addition, there will be 4 medical professionals, 6 business owners, and 2 pastors. Other professions of members include engineering, contracting, communications, and information technology.

The partisan composition of the House will be 82 Republicans and 18 Democrats.

The one thing every member has in common is the number of Arkansans they represent. Each House member represents approximately 30,000 Arkansans. Due to redistricting, every district has a new number this year. Changes in boundaries could also mean you have a different representative this year. You can find your representative and his or her contact information by using the “Find My Rep” tool at

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