Transportation Legislation 2023

Act 50 repeals a law that prohibits leaving a running vehicle unattended.

Act 261 would require the Department of Finance and Administration to offer drivers the option of a digitized driver’s license by February 2025. The bill states a digitized driver’s license may be accepted by a public entity for all state purposes authorized for a driver’s license. It does not require any public or private entity to accept a digitized driver’s license.

Act 264 classifies the theft of a catalytic converter as a Class C felony. It states a person commits unauthorized possession of a catalytic converter if the person knowingly possesses a catalytic converter that has been removed from a motor vehicle and is not permanently marked.

Act 211 allows the distribution of revenues from the additional registration fee for electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and plug-in hybrid vehicles under the Arkansas Highway Revenue Distribution Law.

Act 714 allows law enforcement to impound a vehicle if the driver committed the offense of drag racing on a public highway for a second time in a five-year period.

You can find more acts passed by the 94th General Assembly and watch recorded meetings of the 2023 Regular Session at

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