Tree Seedling Orders

LITTLE ROCK, AR –Baucum Nursery, managed by the Arkansas Agriculture Department’s Forestry Commission, is accepting tree seedling orders for the 2019 planting season of January through March. Baucum Nursery was established in 1956 to provide seedlings of the highest quality and genetics to complement efforts of private nurseries in meeting the reforestation needs of landowners in Arkansas.

“The majority of forests in Arkansas and across the southern region are owned by private, non-industrial landowners. We strive to ensure that seedlings from Baucum Nursery are bundled and priced for landowners of all kinds, especially our private landowners,” says Reforestation Manager Dave Bowling. “We hope that our seedlings will continue to improve Arkansas forests and provide benefits to Arkansans for generations to come.”

Baucum Nursery sells tree seedlings in quantities as small as 25, allowing Arkansas landowners to purchase high quality seedlings in manageable quantities at affordable prices. Tree seedlings are grown for one growing season at Baucum Nursery. When seedlings become dormant in the late fall, they are lifted and packed “bare root” for shipment to 14 coolers at work centers across Arkansas. During the 2018 harvest, Baucum Nursery produced over 5.2 million hardwood seedlings, and over 1.7 million pine seedlings.

A variety of hardwood species are available including bald cypress, black walnut, black gum, pecan, persimmon, red mulberry, redbud, sugarberry, sweetgum, sycamore, water hickory, and many oak options including cherry bark, shumard, southern red, and other favorites. Pine species available include loblolly and shortleaf. Select pine and oak species are also available in “improved” varieties that have been tested and bred to be superior in growth and genetic gain. Other popular options are Wildlife Bundles and Beautification Bundles, which feature small assortments of tree species chosen for their ability to attract wildlife or for their blooms and color.

Baucum Nursery is located at 1402 Hwy 391 North, North Little Rock, Arkansas. Customers can order seedlings online or find printable order forms, here. Customers may also make arrangements in person on weekdays from 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. or by calling 501-907-2485.

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