Update – June 11

It has been another busy but productive week in District 60. I’ve had town hall meetings at Williford, Walnut Ridge, Ravenden and Sedgwick. In between that I had meeting in Little Rock for the Aging, Child Welfare and Veterans Affair Committee where we received yearly reports on Child Welfare for the State of Arkansas.

On Wednesday I also had a meeting of the Tax Reform Task Force where we discussed the history of taxes in Arkansas. The tax force will be meeting again July 11 to continue our work on Tax Reform for Arkansas.

I also had the privilege this week to present a check to the Lawrence County Fair Board for $8,000. This was money I was able to get through the help of Governor Hutchinson to assist the Lawrence County Fair repair their facility. The rodeo arena was damaged in March during a storm. I was also able to help Jump Start Animal Shelter this week help feed the dogs in their care.

Next week I’ll be in Little Rock working on many different projects for District 60. The following week I’ll start town hall meetings again. Click here for a list.

I love representing District 60 and the wonderful people in it. Come to a town hall and learn what we accomplished during the 91st General Assembly. Together we accomplish more.

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