Vehicle Registration Late Fee Waivers

DFA has authorized some adjustments per the Governor’s COVID-19 Executive Order (EO). I thought this might be helpful.

These adjustments remain in place through April 16, 2020, consistent with the Governor’s EO. DF&A will continue to evolve during this challenging time as they focus on protecting the health of their employees and customers, delivering essential state services and cooperating with our local government and other partners.

The Attached Notice details the waiver of DFA late fees for registration of motor vehicles. There is not a DFA late fee for renewing a driver’s license, so there was no need for a waiver there. This change enables people to complete this business after the due date (either online or in person) without a late fee through the waiver period.

The State has also waived the need for State Revenue Offices to require an assessment and proof of personal property taxes paid at the county level in order for Arkansans to register, pay sales tax and title vehicles. DF&A will continue to cooperate with counties as much as practicable.

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