Arkansas Food Hall of Fame

Food traditions often serve as cultural landmarks, preserving culinary heritage and connecting generations. Long-standing food establishments carry the flavors and techniques passed down through time, offering a taste of history on each plate.

That is why in 2016, the Division of Arkansas Heritage launched the Arkansas Food Hall of Fame. The Arkansas Food Hall of Fame celebrates the state’s unique food traditions and serves to educate Arkansans about our diverse food culture and heritage. The program recognizes Arkansas’s legendary restaurants, proprietors, and food-themed events across the state.

Arkansas Heritage is now accepting nominations for the 2024 awards. The categories are as follows:

Arkansas Food Hall of Fame recognizes long-standing Arkansas restaurants that have helped create our food culture. These are the places with dishes we crave constantly and drive out of our way for just because the food is that good.

Proprietor of the Year honors a chef, cook and/or restaurant owner who has had a significant impact on the food industry in Arkansas.

Food-themed Event honors a community food-themed event or festival that preserves a community’s unique food history.

Gone But Not Forgotten honors the collective culinary legacy of past establishments that have influenced the food tastes and preferences we have today.

People’s Choice honors restaurants or food trucks, new or old, that we can’t get enough of.

Winners will be chosen by the Arkansas Food Hall of Fame Committee, a group of Arkansans who are historians, chefs, foodies, and food authors.

Honoring Arkansas food traditions and restaurants with longstanding history is a way to pay homage to the resilience, commitment, and flavors that have defined the state’s culinary landscape over time.

The deadline for nominations is February 29. The division will announce the finalists in May and induct the honorees at a special event in September.

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